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Woolly Mammoth

I’m officially ready for anything this winter.  How I longed for Woolly Mammoth, by Allison Jane, during the freezing soccer tournament last weekend.   It was then that I decided I wanted to line the whole thing with fluffy loops.

The cap itself is knit in a neat looking broken rib stitch.  It was nice to make something so differently shaped than the usual things on my needles.

Every part of this was a good change of pace- the stitch pattern, the shaping, the loops, and the notions.

I used size 3 and 4 needles and the Knit Picks yarns I won in a giveaway: Biggo in Wonderland Heather and Swish Dk in Marble Heather.

I wasn’t sure if lining the entire thing would affect the fit of the hat, but it doesn’t seem to.  I tried to stagger the loops from one row to the next.  I like that they didn’t have to be too precise.  I could just eye it and start working.

The finishing touch was to use a couple of my custom Big Bang Theory buttons, made by Wildflower Button Studio,  that I won last year in a knit- along.

(more on ravelrykollabora, flickr, and instagram)


This was my first accessory to try from the Holla Knits Accessories 2014 collection.  There is some really fun stuff in there!  I know I’m going to make Cedar Glen Mitts during the upcoming Holla Knits Knitalong

Allison Jane also has a couple of new patterns out in Pom Pom Quarterly that I really like, particularly Cidre

My other post on Woolly Mammoth is here.

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  1. Aww awesome! I was wondering about lining the whole hat, because it only looks partially lined in the pattern photos. Kudos on you, lining the whole thing. Now I really want one of these! NO HEATHER BAD, YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO KNIT AND NO TIME.

    That last photo is perfect. Pale blue skies with grey tree branches in the background, with your pale blue and grey hat in the foreground. 🙂

    (Really love your buttons!)

  2. Wow, I love your hat! I even like it better than the original in Ravelry. It looks so cozy for these cold wintery days.

  3. That hat is so cute that I'm dying! It looks so cozy! Broken rib is my new favorite pattern stitch. I think I've finished three or four knits with it recently. It's so stretchy, squishy, and warm!

  4. Thanks, Sarah! The pattern did call for a loopy lining, but not for the entire inside. Once I hot going, I just didn't want to stop.

  5. Thank you, Meg. The loops took some time, but if I'd just lined the ear flaps and brim, it would've been much quicker.

  6. Ha! Thank you, Heather! You know you could probably squeeze this in at the end of the upcoming HKKAL. Even if you just begin it, you'll be motivated to finish because it's fun. I have a small head, so the extra thick lining didn't interfere with the fit. I also haven't blocked the hat. If I wanted it bigger because of the lining, I'm sure the superwash would grow some. Just a thought yo consider, if you do get #peerpressureknitting- ed. 🙂

  7. That is exactly how I feel, Sasha! I have so much motivation to burn through my queue, but too little time to make a dent!

  8. Thanks, Elena! I haven't blocked it yet, so it may fit a bit bigger when I do, but that might be more like the pattern sample anyway.

  9. Thank you, Becca! These loops are woven in as the pattern directed. I originally thought it was loop stitch, which I love doing, but it was nice to try something different.

  10. It is kind of the perfect stitch pattern, Vanessa. More interesting than typical ribbing, but not too complicated. I think it's sharp.

  11. Thank you. I almost didn't put that picture in. I'm usually in "show the knit" mode. But sometimes it's just nice to smile for the camera.

  12. Thanks! I do too! I was so happy I won that color combo in the giveaway. If I hadn't, I'd probably have just ordered the exact same colors.

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