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Backyard Folklore

I found these over the weekend in our backyard and hurried to take pictures before my husband cranked up the mower.  My dad told me how mushrooms will grow in rings, if you leave them to.   I have, and he’s right.   
The Dutch thought it was where the devil set his milk churn.  
English tradition says it is because elves or fairies have been dancing there the evening before, hence the name fairy ring.  Anyone who disturbs this sacred circle, even if just to collect the dew from the grass,  risks being cursed or charmed, depending on the fairies’ mood.
The only safe way to approach one was thought to be running around it in the direction of the sun nine times, where an outsider could hear and maybe even see some of the revelry without being entranced..  But just don’t make it ten.  
If one did step inside, they are said to become invisible and disoriented, unable to find their way out.  Weeks or years may pass while time is standing still on the outside world. They may be bewitched by harp music that cannot be heard outside of the circle and,  possibly, forced to dance to the point of madness.   If one did, by chance, pull free from the ring, they suffered for it. 
Let’s see:  disorientation, feeling invisible, running in circles, miserable dancing…yeah, that pretty much sounds like my home.
But since my husband was planning to mow, I took some pictures of them and made a mental note to tell my kids about it:
“If you don’t behave I’ll throw you into the pixie ring!”
“But Mom, I don’t want to turn to dust…”  

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  1. Thank you both! Jennifer, this took many days of piddling with code without a preview option (don't know why that isn't working) so I'm glad you think it looks good.

    Louisiana Belle, I only knew a little about it, but when I looked it up, it was a good read!

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