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I’ve Known Her Eighteen Years

This should be a post about how my daughter turned eighteen, about how much I love her, about how proud I am of her, about how incredibly blessed I know I am to be her mother, about how even though I’m excited about her going to college and growing up I have such mixed feelings and bittersweet enthusiasm for her leaving home, and about how I still feel 23 on the inside, so I don’t know how this all happened so fast.  It should be, but it’s not.  Or, wait, I think it just was.
Anyway, these are outtakes from her senior photos we took a few months ago on Galveston Island.  They’ve been sitting on my computer, waiting for me to learn Photoshop and still I have not.  They aren’t the ones she will pick to send to family and friends.  They aren’t the best photos in the bunch, by any means, but I love them.  They make me think of her and how I see her the most.   We took our time, walking through the city, going to all the places we love to go and it was the most easy thing for her to smile that day.  

I snapped a few of the other one, who was as patient as could be expected with a day of stopping to take a million photos.   He was only in it for the G.I. Surplus store.

The whole day felt like a natural extension of the way we spent many weekends of her childhood- together and laughing.   I love you, little girl.

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