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Worst. Knitting. Photos. Ever. 2014

There’s this file on my computer named: Worst. Photos. Ever

Knitting photos make up the bulk of them.  You know how lots of knitters are doing the best and worst of 2014?  Yeah, well these photos are mostly the worst.  For every few good FO photos you take, there’s always a stinker.  So if you’re really interested in one of these knits, click the link beneath it for a more normal presentation.

I hadn’t knit many hats in previous years, but 2014 was the year of hats.  There were some Autumn hats by Jane Richmond- five to be exact.   I don’t have a photo of the one I wear to run in because it’s  all used and sweaty.  I guess that would’ve been perfect for this post though…

(Autumn Hats)

(more Autumn Hats)

Below is a Petawawa I knit in our school’s colors as a gift to a student.  There were two more of those.

(Thcool Thpiwit)

One had it’s photo taken in blinding sunlight at high noon…

(Petawawa for Shannon)

…the other in low light of dusk… where I look contemplative… with cocker spaniel ears.

(my Petawawa)

Those last two let me use some higher quality semi-solid yarn I’d been saving.  The Rainbow Slouch below let me use some fun variegated.  Which I made even more trippy with phone apps in the hospital waiting room.

(Rainbow Slouch)

You may ask what I plan to do with this many hats.  My answer is to give some away and just layer the rest.

(Kingsley Hats)

Those were two Kingsley hats, above, below is the Gaming Hat I knit for my son, because his hat was pitiful.  Oh, I’m sorry.  Am I boring you with all of this talk about knit-speak?

(Gaming Hat)

Tough.  My son allowed me to post this.  He didn’t want me to post the ones where he made horrible faces on purpose.  My daughter, on the other hand, is in college or always out of the house.  She gets no vote.

(Foliage Cowl)

This is the Foliage Cowl.  It’s another quick, fun project.  It wasn’t for her, but these mitts were.  I made two pairs of Linden Mittens this year.  One for cooking…

(Julie’s Linden mitts)

…and the other for magic.

(my Linden mitts)

Besides modeling knits for me, my family members take photos when I’m too rushed or lazy for a tripod, and stand-in so I can check the lighting.  When I checked my settings for the Oud Tank,  my daughter was quite taken with the beauty of the light shining through the leaves.

(Oud Tank)

 She is a real natural.  Even when she was just helping me set the controls on my camera to photograph Sexxxy Librarian.

Oh man, and talk about sexy.  Sort of a “Whoops, I overmedicated myself.” kind of sexy, below.

(Sexxxy Librarian)

Speaking of naturals.  No year is complete without at least one knitting photo of Spotacus.  Here he helps me photograph my Lowlands Headwrap.  He’s so thrilled to be part of Team FO…

(Lowlands Headwrap)

and to wear baby clothes.  He doesn’t even have to be the focal point.  He’s content to share the spotlight,


as with my Everett Henley.

You know how sometimes if a designer likes an FO of their design, they’ll ask to put your photo on the Ravelry pattern page?

(Everett Henley)

That will never happen with these shots.  Well, okay the day I photographed my Eastwood Cardigan was a rare day of mostly decent photos.

(Eastwood Cardigan)

There were actually no photos in which I appear high.  The same cannot be said of the shots of my Bus Stop Pullover.  Plus, my head is cut out of the picture.

(Bus Stop Pullover)

Yep, my pants weren’t buttoned all the way either.  Bet you never noticed that in the usable FOs.  It’s all that presto change-o business of throwing on cold weather clothes for a minute to take photos in the heat.  I would never purposely expose myself.

Except with one of my Aquae tops.  What’s the deal with the belly?

(Aquae Tanks)

My son says I’ve gone too far with this post, at least what he’s seen of it.  He’s no fun, unlike his dad, who is also a lighting stand in for me.

He’s normally a lot happier for these photo shoots.  He gets that knitting photos are a family affair.

Not sure what his deal was there.  Maybe it was the fact that I give him looks like this when he tries to give me photography advice.


Hey that was my first shawl.  I finally knit a shawl!!  Making it and the Smokey Bear sweater were two long time goals that I met.  I found neither shawl lace patterns, nor the intarsia were that frightening after all.


Okay, the inside of the intarsia was a little scary.  But no one would ever see that.

I’ve become a lot more courageous in my knitting.  Take these photos in the middle of the road, for instance.   The speeding trucks didn’t even phase me.  The Bubbas behind the wheel, looky-looing are a different story.


Nine of my sweaters were of the summer variety, more than ever before.

(Reef Knot Tank)

Gotta love it when your mouth is hanging open for a photo.

(Fire Opal Tee)

And then another one.

(Liaison Tee)

and another.  I bet you didn’t know that in this photo we were almost pooped on by seagulls.

(Hawt Galveston Sands)


Also, the wind wasn’t blowing at all.  I was just having a really bad hair day.

(County Fair Scarf)

It was a scratch, people, not a pick.


There had to be a reason for this.

I probably said something really witty that made my husband laugh.


I worked on a few classic knits this year.  Other than my Bus Stop Pullover, which included reading a classic Elizabeth Zimmerman book, I also finally knit a Featherweight.  I remember being ecstatic about it, but here I just look depressed.  Oh, well.


Ending the year with Aidez was the icing on the cake.  I’m a fully initiated knitter now!


Oh man, I can feel my Ravelry friend count going down by the minute.  I don’t know what compels me to do things like this.  Happy 2015, friends!  Lets not take it too seriously.

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  1. "Also, the wind wasn't blowing at all. I was just having a really bad hair day." That. Is. Awesome. 🙂

  2. Are you kidding? I loved seeing your blooper reel!! This post just made my day!

    …and your photos are always gorgeous, even when you're picking, er, scratching your nose, lol.

  3. Your worst looks so much better than my best!!! 🙂 I love reading your blog & seeing what you are doing. Keep going!!

  4. This post really made me laugh, the pictures are so fun, but in a great and good way! I think my favourite has to be the one with the dog butt 😉 My cat likes to jump into my knitting pictures as well so I could probably publish a collection called 'knitting and cat butt'

  5. I couldn't stop smiling while reading this post. How funny your family pictures are! Let's hope that 2015 will bring more of this!

  6. I LOVE this post! You have the best photos, even the bad ones are great! I'm so looking forward to the 2015 version of this post.

    P.S. I love your hubby's face in front of the creek! 😀 😀 😀

  7. No way!!!!! I think your friend count on Ravelry just went up! These are just awesome! I love them. You guys rock.

  8. Oh my this post was amazing from start to finish. By far my most favorite year end, wrap up (shhhhh, don't tell the others). All of your FO's are amazing. I've finished a lot of things this year that I truly love but I am totally jealous of your work. Thank you for sharing your world with us, it is such a pleasure.

    She Knits in Pearls

  9. Alicia, every time I scroll past that photo I have to laugh. That one and the one with the horror movie face. What was that all about?

  10. Thanks, Jenna! Yours will probably go more quickly, if it's in fingering weight. And Featherweight is great for working on while you talk with people or watch a show.

  11. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Vanessa! I have many more rotten photos, but these were ones I actually hadn't deleted.

  12. Hehe. Thanks, Jane! I almost didn't post it because my son said it was too weird, but then I just had to be me,

  13. Thanks so much! I would still post if no one read it, but I love that some one is and we can talk about things via blogs and ravelry.

  14. Ha! That made me realize that I have hundreds of lovely photos of my family and vacations all locked in my computer, but these…THESE… Are the ones floating around the internet.

  15. Aw, that makes me happy, Evelyn! You know, neither of my kids have seen the finished post yet. They may be exacting revenge on instagram soon.

  16. You should! I love seeing people's WIP photos with little blurry images of their pets streaking by. They love being in the middle of whatever we're doing, but they refuse to pose for us.

  17. Thanks, Julieanne! I know! I have so many photos of him looking like that. He has two photo modes- crazy, goofy grin or that stare.

  18. That was really sweet to say, Cherry! I put all of my frustrations into knitting this year, and so I look back at these knits and remember the challenges we (my grandparents and I, mainly) were going through when I made them. I finished each knit, just as they overcame each hurdle. So, these are extra special to me. Now, some of the photos I chose- not so much. 🙂

  19. Ooh, you should, Elise! It's a hard barrier to break, honestly. It feels awkward to stand for a photo, where people can see, wearing a sweater in June. But it shows the actual knitting off so much better. In the end, it's all about the knitwear looking good, so I overcome my shyness for natural light.

  20. Thanks, Kim! I forgot I'd taken a photo of that intarsia bear sweater inside out. I love it. I can't believe I wove in that mess of ends.

  21. I'm new to you blog, and I'm loving it 🙂 your bad pictures aren't even that bad haha. All of these projects are quite lovely! Question, what app did you use for the rainbow slouch hat? It's a great photo!

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