Liaison Tee

So this is the Liaison Tee by Allyson Dykhuizen.  It’s November and I was quite comfortable in this top for these photos.   I know I’ll wear it a ton.

I decided to join The Sweatshop of Love KAL at the last minute because, though I really needed to finish my EZ Pullover and Aidez, I had the Cotlin for this and Allyson always hosts a good KAL.  It was a nice break from cables and worked up quickly.  The little lace detail was easy to memorize and kept me motivated to work “just one more row.”  I spread the work out over a couple of weeks, but this thing could easily be knit in a few days.

There are no mods to tell.  This was super straightforward knitting.  I used a size US 4 needle for all ribbing and a US 5 for the body.   The yarn is Cotlin by KnitPicks in the Sprout color.  I really like Cotlin.  I’ve knit at least one other summer tee in it.  I think it was Nachtfalter.  I have more in my queue for this tee when summer nears.

Ah, I remember that day when my Cotlin went on a bike ride…

Sometimes I talk to my sweaters…

… with much animation.

(more on ravelry, kollabora, flickr)

Allyson is one of my favorite designers.  She’s always got something good cooking.  Most recently, it was the Holla Knits Accessories collection, and it’s killing me.  I want a Woolly Mammoth hat, Cedar Glen Mitts, and Pom-o-rama Slippers so bad!  But I have to get those two brown sweaters off the needles first.  Back to work.

My other post on Liaison is here.

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  1. Corinne

    very nice shirt. I am totally in love with the light in your bike photo, I want to dive right into it!!!

  2. Truly Myrtle

    Ah – you've done it to me AGAIN! I want this top …

  3. Elena Knits

    It's a very beautiful sweater, but that Woolly Mammoth hat is exactly what I need. I was looking for a warm hat to knit for this winter and this is what I need.Thank you!

  4. Vanessa

    Super cute! It looks so relaxed and comfortable, too!

  5. Heather S

    Aw, it's adorable! You make the best summer knits.

    How did you like working with the cotlin? I have some to make up a summer cardigan, and I'm pretty excited to work with it. It's on hold, because we're already buried in snow and I'm onto warm woolies, but it'll probably be my first spring knit.

  6. MichelleCarter

    I enjoyed the cotlin. It's lighter than cotton by itself and hasn't pilled up so far. I'd normally be knitting winter stuff too, but this KAL happened and I needed a stockinette project, so that's one off of the queue.

  7. MichelleCarter

    Thanks! It's very comfortable!

  8. MichelleCarter

    Thanks! As I write this, like a week after these photos, I'm shivering and thinking the Woolly Mammoth hat looks good too. I love that design!

  9. MichelleCarter

    Well, this is one you could easily squeeze into your queue, Libby. It knit up so fast and wasn't too fiddly.

  10. MichelleCarter

    Ha! Thanks, Corrine, I took that photo for a Knit Picks instagram contest and saved it until I made something with the yarn.

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