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The Eleventy Billionth Knitting Podcast: Hashtag Goalz

All that big talk about blogging more and maybe doing a podcast… and here I am with very little to show for the end of 2017 and beginning of the new year.  But I was hard at work, in every spare moment, learning the skills I’d need to upload photos and film, edit both, and get it sized for my blog and/or Youtube on completely new programs.  I could’ve hired an elementary school child to help me, I suppose, but I have that DIY gene.

I won’t ask you to excuse the rambling talk, or the video length, or my not-so-fresh-faced appearance.   This isn’t ethereal FO photos, run thru an instagram app.  It is the real me, genuine (if frayed), talking to a camera with you on my mind.  So, if you happen to enjoy that, please ramble back to me.

I will not quit blogging, because it’s a great place for more focused rambles, with an occasional highly edited FO shot.  It’s also where you’ll find all of notes on anything I make, in detail.

Notes for anything I talk about on the podcast will be found in the downbar on Youtube or at the bottom of this post.  Comment there, comment here, whatever, friends!

I feel weird publishing this.  But, It’s too late.  I am committed to it.

This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.

On my blog:
On Instagram @mysocalledhandmadelife:
On Ravelry as mamatronic:

My So-Called Handmade Life Podcast Episode 1: 

Questions for you:  Any thoughts on making resolutions?  Do you have any, crafty or personal?

Stuff I mentioned:
Cobblestone Pullover on my blog:


Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee:

The True Cost Documentary:

Sagas of the Icelanders:

With Ease by Sylvia McFadden:

Mistletoe Kisses socks in Turtle Purl yarns::

Twas the Night Before Christmas socks by Danielle Jorge:

Marley by Andrea Mowry on my blog:

There may be a rush of posts on the blog as I finally pull the trigger on all of the stuff I’ve collected to say thru December and January. 🙂

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