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Ibook Shelves Don’t Have to Be Dusted

So, buttons… don’t really have anything to say about them, in particular, so I’ll just ramble about something else.  I mostly just wanted to post these photos so I can see them online from time to time.  Otherwise they’ll just get lost in the void we call our hard drive. 
I’ve finally ordered an ebook for my ipad.  It was a hard decision to make, because I love underlining and doodling in the margins of my paperbacks and craft books.  I’m pretty sure it causes my body to release endorphins.  Just the weight of a book on my chest at night is complete muscle memory trigger – I am asleep within a few minutes.   There’s also the memories from the time in my life when I first read a book attached to its soft, faded pages.  Sappy, no?  
But I had to face it.  My shelves are double stacked with all kinds of books and have magazines crammed into any remaining crannies.  They sag under the burden of collected great works.  Actually, they’re mostly craft books and how-to’s, with a few of these and these, and a token one of these. The depth of my literature just erodes as you move further back into my home, where you’ll find things like this wedged between pattern books on a shelf in my bedroom.  Yeah I know…but there are some hefty classics in the mix too. 
  Anyway, I did it.  I decided to buy all of my knitting and nonfiction digitally, when possible, and ordered the Sweater 101 ebook. (Could that title possibly interest my husband less?)  Since then, I’ve only been uploading emagazines and pdfs.  They look so neat and tidy on the miniature ibooks app shelf.  I may not have organized my home’s book shelves yet, but thanks to my little digital hideaway,  I’m, at least, no longer contributing to the chaos.  The ipad even feels like a book on my chest when I lay down to read. 
 Now, I just need two things for it to be my perfect reading scenario:  an E ink option and doodle app that lets you doodle with the stylus right onto the margin of your ibooks pages.   Then my digital reading experience will completely mimic that of my usual reading habits at home.  Well, almost completely, maybe I should download a few more free classics.  Nothing like hiding this behind this on the ibook shelf. 
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  1. I bought a 2nd generation Kindle a while back and started devouring books again. When we moved we decided to donate many of our books, only keeping the special ones for sentimental reasons or decoration. Moving does motivate one to purge, so if I didn't have that big chore, I'd probably still be putting up with the mess. I won a Kindle Fire last year and love it. Can't see replacing it for the iPad, but it IS tempting. 🙂

  2. I can see why your devouring books again, Gail. This is so easy. The books are cheaper and if I'm researching something, I have access to lots of books, notes, all in one slim package. Vacation reading will be much easier.

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