With Silver Bells

How does it grow? Beats me.

(365 Day 103 Photo)

So far, I have underwatered (that was two seasons ago and this year some of those seeds are finally sprouting- huh?) and I’ve overwatered (hence my pathetic fall tomato crop- like, one.)

Oh, how to know, when you don’t know, exactly how much water is right. I usually just hold the hose over an area until it “feels right” to move on.

But I read somewhere that I could put a tin can in there and try for about an inch a week. This sounds a little more dependable than using The Force to guide me, so I’m giving it a try.

However, I noticed that the can is almost empty every day. I guess its just really warm here. So, I used the force to fill it today, then I’ll go by that amount each day to estimate how much is enough. Did that even make sense?

Oh well, we have company for the weekend, so that’s as intelligible as this is going to get.

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