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More #peerpressureknitting

It’s been a while since I talked about Aidez.  I’ve seen a few Ravelry friends start and finish theirs while mine languished in the knitting basket.  Seeing Kelley’s, finally made me pull it out, dust it off (seriously), and reacquaint myself with all of the cable patterns.  I believe she calls this #peerpressureknitting. I engage in this activity constantly.

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I’m using Allyson’s directions for knitting the body in one piece up to the armholes, which I have reached.  Though it seems to take a bit on each row, I know I won’t be seaming sides and that is a powerful motivator for me, as are all of the finished cables.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I think I’m regretting using Brava for this.  It has taken so much work and maybe deserves real wool.  I only chose Brava because it was on sale (which is almost like having Knit Picks pay you to take it.) and other ravelers have knit this as a weekend project.  I didn’t think my inability to concentrate would drag it out and make finishing it such a Herculean effort.  I guess I can always knit another in wool or a wool blend later, right?

My goal is to have it finished by Monday.  Yeah, right.

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  1. It's gorgeous– and while I'm with you about real wool, on the plus side, it will be reallllly easy-care. If you decide to knit it in wool, and if you can find Cascade Ecological Wool or Eco Plus (which is a great deal, especially if you can find it on sale), the smaller sizes of Aidez take only two skeins. 🙂

  2. Beautiful cabling. Not having to seem works as a great motivator for me as well, for me it's the least fun part of knitting.

  3. Those are beautiful cables. I'm sure you'll have a nice cardigan after all the hard work. Pressure also works here but I tend to escape from it now. Whether you have it ready for Monday or not, it will be beautiful. I also prefer real wool but you will be able to throw it into the washing machine instead of hand wash.

  4. those cables are gorgeous!! No seaming is probably my biggest motivator when it comes to sweater, anything that has to do with finishing I hate (weaving in ends anyone?) Best of luck, hope you get to wear it soon!

  5. Oh, those cables are so pretty. I love complex cable patterns – watching them grow and develop makes the sweater go so much quicker, or feels like it, anyways. 🙂 Your sweater is going to be so cozy!

  6. Thank you, Anya! I'm satisfied enough with it as is. I keep reading that Knit Picks has changed where this yarn is made and the quality is not as good, but I think I must have bought mine before this occurred. I find it softer and more woolly than any acrylic I've ever used. I want to try Eco soon. Maybe for that Twenty Ten Cardigan I have always wanted to knit…

  7. Oh yes! Today is seaming day for this monster sweater. I am going to try to use iced coffee and a show I really like as my carrot to motivate me to get with it. 🙂

  8. Thank you, Elena. I know it says you can machine wash Brava, but I don't know if i will. I'm reading mixed reviews on how it looks after machine washing, so I may just use my typical wool method. I do expect that it won't pill as quickly as Wool of the Andes, though.

  9. Thank you, Lea! Hopefully I'll be wearing it this evening. Today is seaming day. It's appropriately overcast and dreary outside, too. 🙂

  10. Thanks, Heather. This is a project I think you'd really enjoy. Once you get the giant in-one-piece chart down, it moves quickly and really is fun to knit. It just takes some focus, is all.

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