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Less is More, Literally

I had to make sure this Christmas present was working, in case it has to be returned.  Hee hee. 
Why, I’ve chosen to step back to film when there is literally one drugstore that does processing for prices  higher than I remember… I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for every film photo I ever took- from junior high silliness to beautiful images of my babies.  It’s what I want to get better at next year.  Plus, the cameras are cool and cost so little.   So, I’m reviewing the Sunny 16, downloading old manuals, and learning the particulars of different models.  In other words, I still haven’t finished my first roll and am scared of what the results will be.  
When did I begin shunning full manual control?  When did I become so dependent on reviewing the 50 photos of the same object I just took on an LCD screen?   When did I begin to feel that taking 50 photos of the same thing to “get it right” was normal and not a little ocd? It’s too much.
(365 day 337)
Oh, digital, you’ve clipped my wings by giving me so many options.  But I was never super confident about my settings choices on the old Minolta either. Then, before I knew it, everything was digital, and I hadn’t taken the time to learn.  So, I’d like to try now.  
As I finished off this year in pictures, I knew I was ready to do more straight out of the camera (no matter what camera it is) or at least limit my shots to a few that felt meaningful, in order to streamline my photo habit.  Besides, less is more, right?  This is especially true of 35mm and polaroid film, on my film budget.
And with that said, I am getting a lot of “Less is More” themed photography goodies for Christmas.  I’m not chunking the Rebel, (I love it and it’s practical) just trying something new.  Scary as it is to pay for film that I may ruin or be kind of “huh?” about, I am excited.

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