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Feel Good Shopping

Found a new favorite pair of shoes.   (Yes, more shoe pictures because I’m tired from weaving in ends and cleaning house.  Plus, the hideous bruise from my first soccer game is gone.)   I don’t buy clothing much, so once in a while getting something special is nice.  It’s like first day of school clothes without the nervous stomach.  I’d like to say I only buy local, organic, american made things from charity organizations that create better communities in a cruel free way; but the truth is that I just liked the way these looked.  I didn’t learn the story behind them until later.  So, it’s a feel-good bonus.    They were more than I’d normally pay for sandals but with interchangeable leather straps, they become two pair for the price of one, and who wouldn’t want to help these girls, even if it is just a little.

(day 72, ttv52 week10)

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  1. Adorable shoes, Michelle! I so remember that nauseous feeling on the first day of school just like it was yesterday. I love reading your thoughts; they make me think!

  2. Love those sandals. Would love to find a vegan version, or maybe I should try making one.
    I always take pictures of my feet too, they're the only pictures I take of myself.

  3. Gail, I feel the same way about your blog and photographs! THey make me want to slow down and appreciate the world around me.

    Renee, You really could make something like this. In fact I think I've seen youtube videos on it. I love the idea behind the company.

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