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This is what my son interrupted me with the other day.  We were at the dinner table and I was going to talk about something that I discovered while working on a project, saying, “While I was working on my sweater I realized something…” And then he said it.


He wasn’t serious.  Please, he’s all into video games and anime.  We could have a field day with his interests.  This is just our family’s sense of humor, but we did all pause at the very natural and immediate interjection.

So in true #nolifeknitter fashion, I’m going to rattle off a list of “Knits I Want to Knit” this summer when I get back from my anniversary camping trip.  My road trip project of choice will probably be Tiny Owl Knits’  Oh My Bear sweater.  (How can I go to the Smoky Mountains without a Bear Sweater?)

The following list is a bit fantastical in it’s length, but this is my #nolifeblog so…

When I get back to Texas I’ll be ready to dig into the Holla Knits Spring/ Summer Collection.

(via Holla Knits)

I prematurely ordered some hemp blend yarn to make the coverup/ hoodie with the seahorse immediately upon release.

Then there’s that elusive first, true lace shawl.

The Elder Tree Shawl by Sylvia Bo Bilvia, via ravelry

Then to satisfy my need to be comfortable in 100% humidity I have a few tees lined up:

The Fire Opal Tee and Work + Shelter Lace Stripes Tee, both by Allyson Dykhuizen, worked in cotton

via Ravelry

It’s really time I made the lace stripe tee.  I saw everyone and their mother make one, it seems, during the Tops, Tanks, and Tees Knitalong last year.  By the way, that knit along helps propel my summer knitting big time.

There’s also Jennifer Dassau’s Slaunter, which remind me of my favorite Urban Outfitters t-shirt.

via Ravelry

I think it will be super comfortable in Misti Alpaca Tonos Hand Paint Pima Silk.  The thing about the Tonos is that’s it’s got all the color variation you can so easily find in wool yarns, but not so much in a silk/ cotton blend.

I have four tank tops lined up. Two in Goshen:
The Oud Tank by Sarah Hurwitz

via Ravelry

and Aquae by Hilary Smith Callis

via Ravelry

Two more tanks in cotton:
Ontario Skies by Teresa Gregorio

via Ravelry

and the Reef Knot Tank by Sarah Wilson that I started at the end of last summer but
left off to focus on cool weather projects.  I haven’t forgotten you little tank top!

via ravelry

At this point even I am doubtful about finishing this many projects in three months.  So what, there’s no pressure right?

But I know at some point I have to knit these two from Pom Pom Quarterly:
Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes in Gynx Yarn‘s Sempervivum colorway.

via Ravelry

and Riverine by Andi Satturlund in Berroco Weekend Dk.  This photo makes me want to go camping every time I look at it.   Of course, this tee might very well get ruined and nasty the way we  camp, but I can definitely see wearing it everywhere else.

via Ravelry

And last, but not least, the Austin Tee by Jean Chung in pima cotton.

via Ravelry

Just kidding, I have one more.  It’s one I have loved since I first got on Ravelry – this vest from a Phildar magazine.  Last year, I happened to find a copy of it on Ebay.

via Ravelry

I’m hoping Mission Falls 1824 Cotton won’t be too heavy for this, because I have some in the perfect color.

So you can leave my fantasyland of never-ending “me time”  in which to indulge in my hobby mentally, if not in reality.  #neverendingqueue

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  1. Ha! I do this all the time. Honestly, daydreaming about what I'd knit with an infinity budget/time is almost as fun as the actual knitting. In my head, I will knit three summery tops this year; in reality, I will fully get side-tracked and only knit one, and I don't even mind!

    I'm thinking about knitting another Kit Camisole, and I'm also toying with Riverine, Morisot, and the Regatta Tee. Now to find the time…

  2. What a list! I'm also a #nolifeknitter, so I can sympathize with the "too many projects, maybe enough time" sentiment, haha. That last vest is amazing! I can't to see it!

  3. Those are some great designs, Angela! I love the subtle details on Morisot and Regatta looks like it would work well with a non-wool yarn. Like you, I find I waste a lot of my knitting time just thinking about knitting. 🙂

  4. Well, I doubt that, but it's fun to pretend:). This week we've been on an anniversary camping trip and last night we were talking around the fire about how nice the time alone together has been, but how we miss our conversations with those kids. Now we're really looking forward to getting home.

  5. Oh man, you're so far along on Fire Opal! It looks so beautiful! I'm just now really getting started on it, but, yes, I'm looking forward to non-sweaty knits. Hyphenate away!!

  6. I know!! I don't know how I even came across the design, but it has endured in the queue, so maybe this will be the summer!

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