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Mini Christmas Boot Cuffs…

… in case you want matching cuffs for the little people.  These are hasty photos of some more of Becca’s Cabled Boot Cuffs I made for relatives this Christmas.  The two on the left were knit as directed.  The others were modified for children.  

The sold grey pair were knit for a junior girl, so I only reduced the stockinette portion of the pattern by 6 stitches.  For the other two, I cut the stitches in half and used rib stitch when directed to use stockinette.  I hoped this would help the cuffs stay in place.  I also shortened the cable stitch repeats by one repeat so they wouldn’t be too long for small legs.   I was in the zone at that point, so there was no stopping to consider the usefulness of these on active, squirmy children.

I don’t know if these two smallest cuffs will even work.  They look pretty doggone tiny, but my daughter’s legs were like that until she was 15 so I have no frame of reference.  They were just a little extra something, anyway.  If they don’t fit, or are immediately misplaced, it’s no biggie.  I can always force my dog to wear them so he’ll look Flashdance-y.

Aaaalmost done with gift knitting.  At this point, I have several FOs to post about; some WIPs, and a few gifts.  Wait, this sounds familiar. Think Twelve Days of Christmas:

8 buttons for sewing,
7 orders for placing,
6 boot cuffs knitted,
5 new skeins distracting,
4 sleeves magic looping,
3 photos waiting,
and 1 hat for a friend

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