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Garden Boots

Right now my garden is a “watched pot.”  I hover and find yet more bee balm sprouting up here and there.  Bee balm is a big mistake in a small garden.  I’ve been soaking up quite a bit of sun with all the weed pulling, and even though it’s monotonous, it’s also rhythmic and therapeutic.  
After an evening of weeding, it is satisfying to look out on neat little green garden plants swaying in the breeze, the smell of rosemary so strong, then kick off the garden boots and go inside for a hot bath.
The next morning, there they sit, waiting for me to check on progress again.
(waiting, day 105) 

 (day 104)

I tried out black and white film in my 210 and never did get this shot the way I wanted, hence the many boot pics.  It’s hard to accept a mess up polaroid shot because the film seems so precious.  Does anyone get 10 great photos out of each pack?  I’m not there yet, but still feel emotional attachment to each and every shot.  

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  1. I think these are all great, Michelle! Is perfection even a possibility? I've given up on that myself. 🙂

    My son has rosemary and thyme in his little backyard rental. When I visited him last weekend he showed me where he found a nest of baby rabbits right beside the herbs. The smell was amazing.

  2. Thank you, Gail. I have these polaroid- esque images in my head and want my film to develop that way. But, it rarely does.

    What a lovely surprise to find baby bunnies in his herb garden! I used to have a big frog living in the dirt of my ponytail palm, not quite the same.

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