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New Girl

I finished New Girl by Allyson Dykhuizen and I love it.   Sadly, it’s too warm here for a wool skirt, but I am seriously considering knitting another in a cotton blend that is sweat lodge- friendly.

It is a fast knit for sport weight.  So fast that I knit it in a week, found it was too big, then re-knit it in another week.  I am sliding it in just before the Holla Knits KAL 2015 ends tomorrow.  Whew.

 A few weeks ago, I realized I don’t really have many skirts, and none appropriate for winter.  This one is warm to begin with, but paired with leggings or tights, it would be perfect on chilly days.

Having said that, I’m really liking the way it looks with just a tank and Keds.  I really do need a summer version, huh?

Details:  I used sizes 3 and 4 needles and Patons Classic sport yarn in grey and sea green heathers.

After much trial and error, I decided to cast on only 132 stitches and then followed the pattern from there.

I knit the entire waistband and on the last row, folded it over the elastic and knit it closed, as I posted before. I really don’t like seaming, if you didn’t know.

I did add an inch in length and got a bit more length after blocking.

So, part of the reason it knit quickly may be the Patons sport wool seems a whoooole lot like their worsted.  Though I knit a swatch, I found my first skirt just relaxed so much, when off the needles, that I needed to recalculate my cast on stitches.  I think my mods would totally work for a worsted version.

Several of the knitters who have made this, have reduced the increases so it would not be quite so full.  I like that look, but I wanted the full-on vintage feel of a true circle skirt, so I followed the pattern’s lead.  Others eliminated the pockets, but I’m not that different from a little kid.  I like having  “pocketies” for rocks and shiny things I might find.

Now, if I knit a summer weight version, I will probably try adding fewer increases, just for the fun of it.  But, first, I need to get some things out of my queue.

If you’re wanting summer inspiration, besides this skirt, Allyson just had a feature in KnitScene’s Summer issue, with several great knits to choose from.  I really, really like the Lake Superior Cardigan.

But the next design I try from Allyson should probably be one I already have yarn for.  Yeah, I have the stuff for the Bristlecone Pullover (in the best colors), a second Fire Opal Tee that is halfway finished, and a Work + Shelter Lace Striped Sweater.

Where would my knitting be without Allyson?  She’s produced such a huge volume of work, I think I have knit a bazillion of her patterns.  Okay, maybe it’s just 8 or so, but I’ve knit another 25 from Holla Knits.  This may be a fangirl moment.  Just picture me pushing my glasses up my nose as I say, “I’m your biggeth fan, Allython.” with a lisp.

So, I’m not the only one finishing their project under the wire.  Check out the other great knits in this group, including a few more New Girls that are fantastic.

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(more on ravelry, kollabora, instagram, and flickr)

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  1. love this skirt so much, it's been on my list forever! But i think I just found the right yarn for it (as in yarn I can afford in a big quantity haha). and there will be pockets for sure ^^

  2. I must admit I've always been ambivalent regarding knitted bottoms – but this skirt is making me reconsider. it looks great!

  3. It's so cute! I can't wait to see the summer-weather version, since I can't see myself wearing a wool skirt in SoCal… ever…

  4. Love it!!! I have also longed for a summer version. Sadly, mine remains unworn because I finished it when it was warm and then forgot about it until I was too pregnant and wearing it looked goofy. I'm looking forward to wearing it in the fall.

  5. I love love love this! I'm so going to have to knit one for myself now. i might be a copycat and pinch your colours Michelle, they're a beautiful choice! Also – you have to have pockets!!

  6. Love it! I really really like the colours you used for this. And I'm the same, so glad I made my new girl skirt with pockets. Whenever I'm wearing skirts or dresses I find myself constantly with keys and phone in hand. A girl needs some convenient pockets!

  7. Love the fit, colors and yarn! You should absolutely try it in cotton! So perfect for summer.

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