Image of loads of summer tees and tanks of the past that I used to develop my personal criteria for what makes the perfect summer sweater.

Episode 72: What Makes My Perfect Summer Tee or Tank Pattern?

What makes my perfect summer tee or tank pattern? I share my personal criteria for comfortable sweaters in the summer, nothing too … uh … demanding. After uploading the thumbnail, I realized it’s better suited to the last episode. This is a looking-forward episode. There’s no way I’ll get to all of these summer knits, but I break down what I like all the same.

Patterns I mention:

  • From Isabell Kraemer:
  • A Hint of Summer:
  • On the Beach:
  • Dingley Dell:
  • Adventitious – Olga Putano:
  • Designs by Yumiko Alexander:
  • Stratum:
  • Low Tide:
  • Harmony:
  • Woven Shadow:
  • Shaina:
  • Pinnacle:
  • Breezy V:
  • Designs by Irene Lin:
  • Blair Vest:
  • Breeze Sleeveless Airy Tee:
  • Faye Summer Top:
  • Fiore Top:
  • Ola:
  • Rota Sleeveless Top:
  • Summer Blossom Tee:
  • Other Tees and Tanks from Various Designers:
  • Mountainberg – Jennifer Stadter:
  • Cherry – Knitting for Breakfast:
  • Everyday Attitude – Suzanne Sommer:
  • Ingrid Top – Gregoria Fibers:
  • Into the Wild – Two of Wands:
  • Cancun Boxy Lace Top – Erin Kate Archer (also free):
  • Roxborough Dolman – Courtney Kelly:
  • Pineapple Top – Kineco Yuki (a free pattern):

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