Image of a big pile of summer sweaters on the bed beside me from where I review all of the yarns for you in this vlog.

Episode 71: Finding the Right Yarn for Summer Sweater Patterns

In this vlog I go through the evolution of my summer sweater yarn usage, from the ridiculous to the very appropriate. I also show the patterns I used them for and discuss those knits of Summer’s past, some of which have been covered in my Every Sweater I Ever Made video.

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My Question for you: Remember these patterns? Any summer weight yarn suggestions for me?

Yarn and patterns mentioned:

Starting with the wool, yes I said wool:

To the heavier weight cotton and cotton blends:

One 100% acrylic:

Back to cotton and cotton blends, many lighter weight:

Some bamboo and bamboo blends:

ANd finally the linen, linen blend, and hemp yarns:

Non-pattern Stuff I mention:

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