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Out of the Queue, Onto the Needles

Every once in a while I tie up loose ends.  I finally finish that project I was collecting old plates for or knit that sweater whose pattern page was dog-eared for years.  This vest is one of those.  Teresa Gregorio was one of the first designers I remember seeing when I joined Ravelry.  I added Corona to my library and just kept Sexy Vesty in mind.  I was probably intimidated by the fact that it was not an official pattern, just notes for a size 35″.   I even got extra Stroll Sport for it a year ago, but still it sat in my queue.   Then I got some more books and some more yarn, and some more patterns and some more yarn, and … you get the idea.

Recently, I’ve tried to be honest with myself about how some projects just aren’t going to happen.  I’m like everyone else on Ravelry.  I get swept up in the current of the most recently published collection.  I like seeing the forums all lit up with suggestions and modifications for the thing I’m working on.  I enjoy knitting along with others, whether it’s a formal, organized group or not.  The community is the thing.

Even so, I’m extra pleased when I get one of my relatively “older” favorites off of the needles.  There’s nothing more satisfying than shaking a sweater in my husband’s face and saying, “See, I told you I’d do it!  This yarn won’t be stacked on your side of the closet anymore because it’s a sweater now.  See?”  Then I promptly hang it on his side of the closet.  (Actually, my husband doesn’t guilt trip me about yarn.  He’s developing hazy, knitter’s eye.  He can blur his vision in such a way that he doesn’t even notice the ziploc bags tucked into everything anymore.  He just moves them around to get to what he needs.)

(on ravelrykollabora, and flickr)

So the good feeling is really from the nostalgia of looking back to what I liked a few years ago and then using what I’ve collected, as far as tools or knowledge, to see it through to completion.  Nostalgia + creativity + progress = good stuff.  

This is an easy knit.  A one week kind of knit.  I should finish it today and get some photos for the Big Bang Theory Knitalong on luvinthemommyhood.  It’s my version of a Penny vest.

I love the diamond/ argyle-ish stitch pattern and deep neckline.  It’s knitting up so fast in the evening as I re-watch the Star Treks of my childhood in order (in honor of the Big Bang guys.)

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  1. Thanks, Teresa! I am so proud that I finally made this and there were no strange gauge issues or any of my usual problems. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. Yes, it's like fall cleaning or something- a knitter's version of spring cleaning. I'm getting my yarn and storage all organized.

  3. I know! There are a few that all of us have on our list, like this one, Aidez, Agnes, Kaari, Central Park Hoodie, Paper Dolls… but we're constantly distracted by more coming out. I realize this is only a problem to a knitter. 🙂

  4. I was surprised by it's speediness, Monica. But it's an easy stitch pattern to memorize. I did put in a couple of late nights, though.

  5. I also have that vest in my queue since a very long time ago. And I'll make it, but not now. It's already freezing here so it's time for thick and cozy sweaters. Maybe for spring.

    I like the color you've used. I'm really looking forward to seeing you modeling it 🙂

  6. i am with you. i have so many older knits that i want to make and then someone makes something new, and i want that and the cycle continues. i gave up a long time ago trying to keep up. now i just buy some yarn when i finish a project (or almost finish a project) and knit whatever is present in my mind…old or new.

  7. That's smart, Britt. I need to do that rather than hang onto the yarn for when I get the time and amass more yarn at the same time.

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