There’s no allusion here, no biblical message about discipline making us stronger here.  It’s really just about pruning.

I think I messed up, because I don’t prune things enough.  I’m too lackadaisical about winter upkeep.  I read a little something about pruning in the spring, then wing it in the winter from my not-so great-memory.

My grapevine was all neglected mess, so I just sort of waded in there and cut away.  I remembered to leave 4 canes and the right amount of buds (five buds on each of the top canes and four on the two bottom ones)  for a third year plant.  But I don’t know if those canes were last years spurs (as they should be) or last year’s cane.   Does this sound like an elementary school story problem to anyone else besides me?    Anyway, you’ll find the answer here.

I’m not too worried, as it’s hard to ruin stuff like that.   I never have any real expectations of my garden, it’s just a blessing when things work and an “It figures” when things don’t.

The part of me that humanizes every living thing is at least happy that the little guy is no longer languishing in a plastic store pot in a corner of the yard.

 (day 89)

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  1. I agree with you! I figure if I rescued the plant out of its confining pot, then it's doing good. Lovely garden you have there! I'm sure it will grow and do fine.

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