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Stripes and Something Different

After so many bulky projects and quick accessories, I’m ready to get back to a finer weight knit.  Ravello was gifted to me by the lovely Isabell Kraemer.

Just look at her design page!  She creates the coolest stuff.  Anyway, Ravello has been at the top of my queue.  It’s perfectly casual.  There are stripes, color, a breezy fingering weight for my climate, and it’s oversized.  I’m knitting a size 37″ hoping for a nice amount of ease.

Knitting with more ease is still a newish concept to me.  For most of my knitting years it’s been all about fitted.  In fact, I noticed that I’m trying lots of new things lately: summer-weight blends, a boxy fit, an asymmetrical hem, knitted bottoms, new color combos, and possibly a cropped sweater .
Stripes and tweeds will always be a favorite of mine, but I am using an orange and blue color combo in Stroll Tweed that I’ve never tried- firecracker, baltic, and prussian.  It’s so hard to veer from what you know you love to find out if you might love something else too, but it is getting easier.

I also tried a traveling jogless stripe.  At each color change, I move the beginning of round marker over one stitch to the left.  On the next round, I slip the first st and knit on as usual until the next color change.  You can see where the beginning of the round was at the white marker, to where it has travelled at the black.  It’s pretty much seamless and smooth.  There isn’t the inevitable tightness I usually get at jogless color changes.

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  1. Oh! I love this one already! I'm knitting Paulie right now and I think I want to knit about anything that Isabell Kraemer designs! I can't wait to knit Caramel! 🙂 So curious about how your Ravello will turn out. Will you be using a contrast colour for the bottom?

  2. Hey, Severien! I'm using a dark blue (Prussian stroll tweed) for the bottom. Paulie is such a great design! I kind of wish mine had more of a shrunken sweater fit instead of so much ease, but I wear it all the time when it's cold. I'm anxious to see your Paulie now. With Ravello I'm hoping for more ease. I tried the top part on last night and so far, so good…

  3. Thanks, Evelyn. It's actually a rusty orange and light blue, but it doesn't show well in these photos. I've never knit an orange sweater or combined odors this way, so I'm enjoying all of the stockinette because of these pretty colors.

  4. Very pretty! I have so many sweater plans, and I'm just not fast enough to knit them all! 😀 I really like the colours you chose. Now I want to make a striped sweater! You are a filthy enabler (in the best possible way)!

  5. Cool color combo! Orange is a surprisingly wearable color plus just plain fun to wear. I have a ton of Isabell's patterns in my faves, too. I think the relaxed look of this design with the extra ease will make for a comfy sweater.

  6. What gorgeous colours. Tweedy yarn is my favourite at the moment. I think it's the autumn air making me crave cosy projects. Can't wait to see this finished.

  7. I really am, Heather. It's a shame my daughter doesn't knit. She would probably get any yarn she wanted. I have a weakness for creative pursuits where I do not for store-bought things. She could probably have anything she wanted, as long as she planned to make it.

  8. I agree! Plus, it's a lighter weight wool, which I can wear longer in my climate. Isabell just came out with a new cardigan, Beccs, that's another must-knit.

  9. Me too, Emma! It's October and I keep looking at tweeds and alpaca blends online, then I go outside in shorts and a wife beater. I really need to move.

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