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I Have a Problem

 My eyes are bigger than my storage.  It’s not like I collect a lot of craft stuff and then never get around to using it.  I knit or work on something every day.   It’s just that it’s not humanly possible to knit fast enough to keep up with what I’m collecting.

My one saving grace is that it’s pretty much replaced all my other hobby expenses and I’m frugal, so I’m not throwing our budget.  But still, I feel guilty when I’m getting my shoes out of the closet and a little zip-loc bag of yarn falls on my head from… somewhere.. and I say, “Oh.. yeah! … I remember this…”

So I showed you my tv knitting project, Ravello.  This is my no-tv fair isle project, Sothern by Rohn Strong from the newest Holla Knits collection.  I want every single design from that collection, as usual.  I blame my excessive yarn purchases on them.

I was all set to make my Sothern cropped, like one of the samples, because I said I was trying new things.  Well, I decided to get a few more balls of Wool of the Andes yarn and make the long version.  Since my torso is long I usually end up yanking on my shirts and sweaters as it is.  I doubt I have jeans with a high enough waist to comfortably wear this, and since I spend all of my extra clothing allowance on yarn…

Besides, when I’m finished with this sweater, it may be my piece de resistance.  I may as well go all the way with it.  As you can see, there is one stray skein of Cascade fingering weight in canary yellow.  I doubt I will ever make the bright sweater I originally bought it for, so I’m holding multiple strands together to equal one strand of worsted for all of the yellow portions of this pattern.  I may regret this decision, especially since Wool of the Andes is so inexpensive, but the yellow color I wanted is on backorder and I didn’t want to wait to get started.  It also assuaged my guilt about all the forgotten yarn purchases.

Progress so far: I went down one needle size to a 2 and reduced the number of cast on stitches to avoid my usually floppy ribbing problems.  I’ll switch to a size 3 (I know) and increase back to the correct amount  of stitches before beginning the body.


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