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Blogging Day 1 and I Really Just Want to Nap

I don’t like writing grand statements of purpose.  Can I just not?  This is the place where I keep track of projects tried, lessons learned, and images I want to remember.  That’s all.

I didn’t even mean to start a blog it just happened after signing onto Ravelry.
I think Ravelry is stealing my youth. I joined for advice on a sweater. Then I had to peek at what other knitters were working on. Just a bit, because I’m not into sitting behind a screen- yeah, right. So, many late nights later, I’ve uploaded photos to Flickr for the first time, listed my knitting projects, queued a ton of things, and started a blog. 

My daughter says we live a handmade life. I guess so. Though by no means self-sustaining, we are pretty  basic.  I’ve always liked to learn how to make things and do things for myself.  Now that my children are getting older, I’m indulging in these creative pursuits.  So I find myself trying all sorts of experiments from the practical to the personal to the pointless as I try to piece together a beautiful life.  Sometimes things fail; sometimes I flake out, but no one other than my grandmother is reading this anyway, so why not keep a journal- lite online?

When I’m not piecing together that beautiful life, I’m looking sinister with my dog in a choke hold.

 Now I’m the “fresh,” new face of blogging.  At least I appear fresh here, because my kids will be getting the faded and droopy me after school today.

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