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Praying For My Friends

       I am thinking about my friends from Texas who will be going back to friends in Ayaviri, Peru soon.  The last visit was a sort of scouting party to see what doors God would open for ministry there and He opened many.  With only one connection in the area, we found many more, partnered with the local Christian church and mayor to show a film about the life of Christ in the public theatre.  And spread the word about Christ and the future visit of the medical mission team, while obtaining the blessing of local doctors. 

      Few of us spoke the language but we still made friends there.  I am thinking about our translators (that’s Arturo above with some children.)  It is an intense, short time spent together.  An adventure where you get close faster because you live together, break bread together, and work toward a common goal greater than your own life.  Plus there are so many unpredictable situations in Peru:  protests, police bribes, equipment malfunctions, or the stand-offish way of the Ayamara.  Its a quick initiation into the culture to have no toilets or heat.  Not to mention a chicken’s foot floating around in your soup.  

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