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Back to Normal

This week I got behind on… everything.  I could list all of the things vying for my time: the boring and the fantastic, but I can sum it up with new school year, a high school senior, junior high sports.  All of which takes on a very cultish feel in southeast Texas.  I swear if I hear the phrase,” for the children” one more time my brain may leak out of my ears.  Not that I’m sour on doing things for my children.  I am a stay-at-home mom for a reason (and, no, it’s not to make crafts all day.)

But I feel like the burden to participate in yet another new tradition of the school district, another meeting, buy another t-shirt, decorate another whatever is taking the place of doing things alongside my kids, of having time to actually talk to them, and eat a meal together.  Some of it can’t be helped- we did sign up for those activities and they are a good thing.  But I really think there must be some people who just don’t feel complete in life if their every single waking second isn’t scheduled with some misguided attempt at service for the very children they may be ignoring in order to do it.   Or maybe we’re just weird.  But my kids are like me to a great extent.  They like a little free time where no one thinks for them or directs their activity.  There, I said it.  I feel much better for it.

Here’s my late progress for my Holla Back Tank knit along:

I am finally caught up.  I don’t recommend knitting lace when you’re sleepy.  This is really not that difficult a lace pattern and I like the chevron look a lot.  I kind of wanted mine to have a little ease and be drawn in a bit by the bottom band for a blouse effect (like the blue one on this page) but I think it will be more fitted which is still fine with me.

My last progress update is here.
More on my flickr and Ravelry.

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