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Big Plans

I’m completely unmotivated to get anything done today.   

(365 Day 270)
 I just got in from running and then having coffee with my father.  All the animals danced around me like crazy as if to say, “Oh hurray you’re back!  She’s home! She’s home! Now we can all go back to sleep.”  Then they collapsed into their usual lazy postures, draped over the rug, chairs, or the bed.   It’s inspiring.  Instant silence, except for the hum of construction on the street.  
I’m posting these then I’m going to ignore my computer the rest of the day. 
 I can listen to a tv show while I finish this sweater (Finally!)  Then read The Hitchhiker’s Guide til I join my crazies in a nap, with the machinery outside as white noise.  
(365 Day 273)
If I set my alarm to 3:20 I’ll have exactly 10 minutes to pick my son up from school, then the rushing and chaos can begin.  I’ll accomplish something then. 

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