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My Texas

See these very Texan images?  I love how a photo can create a whole atmosphere that may belie reality.   

 (H is for Horse and Honeysuckle vine)

The horse and I, we’re not out on a ranch watching the sun go down.  I live on a small lot next to other small lots and this little guy doesn’t have much more pasture than that to roam on.

I run to create open space.  These runs regularly take me past the crumbling old homes of my neighborhood to see him, calmly grazing with an egret trailing behind him.  

(365 Day 274)
Once his owner drove up while I ran by, and the horse came to life, galloping across the field with tail and mane trailing, for the gate.  I kept running, soaking up this little bit of country because, like him, I patiently pace around the perimeter of my life, ready for something in my own quiet way.  

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  1. just saw your picture on mortal muses and I've had a great time looking through your blog it is so interesting and I'm going to follow it too! great photographs too.

  2. Thank you Justine! This blog and 365 have been very good for my picture taking. Just checked out your blog too and your photographs are so inspiring!

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