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Sometimes I’m just not feeling a color.  That’s the case with the Wool of the Andes super wash I chose for my Everett Henley.  I like it, it’s a great classic navy, but it was too dark for this lace, in my opinion.  So I  decided to set it aside for my son’s Brando and tore my closet up trying to find a substitute.

When I order yarn, it’s an all day, obsessive event.  I queue up the patterns, check yardage requirements, read ravelers’ notes, search yarn sites, look for sales, calculate compounding discounts, and get color inspiration from different places.  Of course, this is constantly interrupted with life, so it does take all day.  This is all to save a buck and not be completely wasteful by having yarn all over the house that I’ll never use (as opposed to yarn all over the house that I will use… maybe someday).   After all that planning, it’s a little hard for me to change the plan, but good grief it is just fancy string.

So I reassigned this lilac Berroco Vintage to my Everett.  I’ve been considering the wisdom of my use of 100% wool lately and have decided I’d rather use a blend or cotton yarn for this design.  I also like that the purple is light enough that I think the stitch pattern will stand out very clearly.

Growing up, purple and white were our school’s colors and they’ve been sort of ruined for me by all the “Purple Pride”, “Purple and White on a Field of Green…”, and “Cut me and I bleed purple.” stuff I’ve heard since childhood.  Yet it’s been growing on me, especially in more subtle shades.  Projects like Jennifer’s Antrorse, Vanessa’s On the Beach, and Emily’s cardigan version of her own Everett have had me itching to dig into this lilac for some time now.

So my purple yarn is finally seeing the light of day.  How about this lace stitch pattern?  Nice, huh?

(my ravelry, kollabora, flickr)

I have two more purplish projects planned in the next couple of months:  a Drift’s Ridge and my own On the Beach.  Then I can go back to being over purple.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of purple too, but THIS shade of purple, I like! It's a bit more soft and subtle than most shades of purple. And yes, the lace stitch pattern is looking rrrreeaallly good! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Kelly. I don't see how it couldn't compliment anyone in this lace pattern. I'm so excited to watch it grow.

  3. Well, your Antrorse was the inspiration, Jennifer! I am so glad I found it in the stash because it seems well suited to this pattern.

  4. Thanks, Severien! I felt the same way about this lilac. It works for everyone, I think. This stitch pattern is addictive. I've had to restart twice and I don't even mind 🙂

  5. Oh, hey, that's good to know :). I'm definitely going to be getting more Vintage for future projects. I can already tell its a better weight for my climate.

  6. I love that purple, it's really lovely. I have the same with bottle green, since my school uniform used to be that color. I own nothing in bottle green nowadays. In fact, whenenver I see somebody in a bottle green sweater I can only think of the missing uniform skirt. Amazing the tricks our mind can play, don't you think?

  7. Absolutely, but then sometimes, as in the case with purple, I come around. I remember saying I'd die before I'd wear bell bottoms. Exactly ten years later I was in flares. Go figure.

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