Image of the passionknits orange skein I plan to use for the Thistle Seeds pattern.

Casting On for the Simply Irresistible Sock KAL

I did something. Two things. I cast on for the sock knit-along I’m hosting with Christie Archer of Christie Archer Designs on YouTube and I did it in a live stream. I know, who am I? I struggled to post a reel for like thirty minutes, but this? THIS was really easy.

Cast On With Us!

What Are These Simply Irresistible Socks of Which I Speak?

Christie came up with the idea for the first pair of these “heel-less” socks when she had some gift socks to knit for people who lived a distance away … and she really didn’t have a lot of sock experience. She needed something very forgiving and quick.

Since that first pair, she has added to the collection for a total of eight designs and has found that they fit her high arches better than other sock patterns she has tried. This has me hopeful because I have lots of loved ones I’d like to knit socks for but can’t predict how they will fit by shoe size alone. I also love a speedy knitting project between sweaters.

Do Unusual Socks Fit Unusual Feet?

Though these designs work well for high arches, Christie has found they are appreciated by everyone who knits them. I’m thinking this could be a Christmas knitting miracle. I have held off knitting my husband a pair of socks because he seems to love storebought wool blends that take abuse. A lot of abuse. But I’m thinking the worsted version of these might be nice for around the house and the ease with which they are knit will motivate me to knit SIZE 13s!, which may or may not be cherished, for him.

I’m also hopeful these will replace my store-bought boot socks. I have found that hand-knit socks slip under my foot as I walk when wearing boots, but Christie said her non-mohair versions don’t do that — fingers crossed.

My Personal Sock KAL Plans?

I have plans to knit at least three of these pairs in her collection, but later I’d like to knit at least one pair as a handmade Christmas gift. This is part project/ part experiment for me, so I am going to try a few different types of yarn for these.

Image of the stash skeins I plan to use for my mohair socks.

The Most Extra Sock Ever

Her Simply Irresistible- Mohair pattern will be my first project. I can’t believe I am using mohair for my feet. It seems over the top extravagant, but in our mild winters, my feet really are the coldest part of me. Also, I could probably use some fancying up. I have a skein of variegated yarn and a basic solid for the cuff and toe. I’ll hold a very special skein of silk mohair with them throughout the sock to get a dk weight sock.

I am inordinately excited about this combo.

Image of the passionknits orange skein I plan to use for the Thistle Seeds pattern.

Mixing Color and Texture

For the Thistle Seeds sock pattern, I plan to use PassionKnits’ Nouveau Riche, a glorious fall orange that may create a subtle micro stripe. I am going into this very open-minded: if any of these yarns don’t look right with the pattern I feel free to start over with a solid color. Solid or semi-solid colors would definitely work beautifully in all of these patterns. I am just interested in experimenting.

If Thistle Seeds seems a little busy, the plain fingering version of her original sock pattern may be a more subdued fit for this orange skein. So, like I said, I’m open to whatever.

Image of the Wool of the Andes Superwash I'll use for my Worsted house socks.

The Perfect House Sock

Christie’s Simply Irresistible Worsted pattern looks incredibly fast to knit and is the one I will probably use as a gift … once I make a pair for myself. I don’t want to be one of those people who use mohair once and start putting it into everything they knit (Mohair dishtowels, anyone?) but I can see the addition of mohair making this extra comfy. So we’ll see.

I have decided to use some thrifted Wool of the Andes Superwash in the Almond color for these. I saw that Christie knit her sample pair in that same yarn and I have it readily available in my stash (Still stashbusting as much as I can!)

You Know You Need To Get In on This, Right?

We will be hosting this knitalong on Instagram using the #simplyirresistiblesockkal23 tag. through the entire month of Semptember. Make sure you are following us both on Instagram (Christie’s Instagram and mine) and on Youtube (@ChristieArcherDesigns and @mysocalledhandmadelife) then use the KAL hashtag on your photos and you’ll be part of the party.

This KAL will last through the month of September so if you’re busy now maybe you will have time to join in later. We will each be drawing from among all of the photos entered for a few prizes. (I talk about mine in Episode 77 and show progress in Episode 78, along my potential makes there too.)

See you on Instagram!

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