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No ‘Poo for Me

(365 day 52 photo)

I read on this blog how the author had been shampoo free for 2 years now and was intrigued. I’ve been trying to stretch out the days between washings for years now and focus the shampoo on the roots only because I have CrAzY hair. Really.

She linked to another site that linked to another that gave me a couple of hours worth of reading forum posts from women with equally crazy hair who’d gone the no ‘poo route (their classy term) and now had revitalized hair. I’m choosing to ignore the fact that some of them looked like Crystal Gayle.

My first step was to buy a 100% boar bristle brush (an inexpensive one) to run through my hair many times each night before I shower (think Marsha Brady, combing her blindingly perfect, shiny hair for exactly 100 strokes.) This will distribute the oil all the way down the hair from root to ends.

Then I ordered an ox horn and a wooden comb to use, since I have curly hair, during the day. The horn comb is made of the same keratin in human hair so it a gentler tool, and both won’t tear or cause static like plastic. These were also inexpensive.

I read up on scritching, which is just basically using the comb to massage the scalp regularly (kind of like hair stylists do in salons) to stimulate moisture, remove product build-up, salt, and sebum.

Last night was my first try:

I brushed, then massaged in a baking soda/ water solution to wash and an apple cider vinegar/water solution to rinse. Yes, it did smell strong. But I’ve been downing a couple of teaspoons of it in the morning for years, so I endured. Oh, I almost forgot about the finishing with cold water to seal the hair cuticle part. This just sounds like more and more fun, doesn’t it?

But afterward I did notice that my hair felt squeaky clean (as in stripped) but I figure that’s normal as my hair adjusts to this and I won’t be washing as often anyway.
We’ll see

I’ve collected lots of alternatives to the basic routine if my hair goes flaky, or dry, or frizzy, or (most likely) super greasy.
These include everything from salt scrubs, to white vinegar, to water only (I don’t think so,) to citrus, to tea, to you name it.

Obviously this is a large movement, but the number of variations and the fact that I had to buy new brushes and combs tells me this will take more time and consideration of what my hair is needing on a daily basis than the usual robotic wash and go.
I mean, who continues to brush their hair after the tangles are out other than ladies in Victorian novels and Laura Engalls Wilder?

I suppose this is a lost element of femininity. A ritual that was once passed down from mothers as they brushed their daughters’ hair with an antique boar brush before bed, talking and relaxing together. Just lingering a few extra moments over a loved one. Honestly, I could use a little more self care. Plus, I’m such a guinea pig!

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