I’m Ready

It’s official.  I am now ready for self portrait taking to be over.

(365 Day 302)
I may do a non- selfie 365 next Jan, but I want to do other things with my photo time.  I don’t hate it, I’m just ready to move on, that is, I’m prepared to move on.  Not only have I gone far enough to prove I’ll finish, but I managed to stick with my goal of staying close to home, capturing the things I’m really doing.  
I’m a stay -at-home mom.  No exotic locations here.  It was backyard, refinery-view neighborhood, poorly lit indoors, dog hair on the floor, and several in my garage- yuck.  I often dared myself to take a decent image in some of the blandest places- like my bathroom.  
But it was alright.  I know I will cherish this document of a year in my life.  And I’m very thankful for the things it’s caused to rise to the surface.   I will never look at anything, any light, or any place as totally without merit again, especially after taking a photo I liked on the floor board of my car.   I won’t be as limited as I once thought I was.  And I won’t ever be as hard on myself.  

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