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New Years Resolution, Sort of

When I joined a 365 photo pool, I thought it would just be a fun little outlet. I had no idea how time consuming and frustrating taking a photo of myself every day could be. And it’s only day 16. Finding time to do this hasn’t been easy. I mean, even the blah pictures take time to set up and adjust for focus, not to mention the dogs pacing in front of the lens. I find that my cybershot isn’t near the camera I thought it was- poor focus, no bokeh.

Even so, I am seeing myself in a new light. I’ve never taken as many photos of myself as I have in the last 16 days. I’m having to look at myself… A LOT. And I’m not as weirded out by it as I thought I’d be. I even like them.

I’m also appreciating my old minolta so much more now.

And I’m a patient model. This late night photo composition is expanding my creativity to get a picture that looks good, even with lens limitations

So I’m sticking with it for now, knowing that if I’m uninspired, I can always take a dumb picture of my feet and go to bed.


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