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Audrey-Inspired and Cowichan-esque

As if it’s not enough that there will be a new X-Files series starring Duchovny and Anderson, that Longmire returned via Netflix, and that some of the cast of Firefly will be returning in Con Man, there is now about to be a new Twin Peaks series and a knitwear collection based on the original series.

When I read about Teresa Gregorio and Leah Coccari-Swift’s Great Northern collection, I had to re-watch the tv series.  Then, I had to back their kickstarter.  I want all of my knitting friends to know about it, too.

(image via Pinterest)

I’m so excited for this.  Do you remember the show?  I do.  I was a sophomore in high school, I think, and it was the first show I ever watched that had awkward silences on purpose.  I think it paved the way for other, less strange, series like Northern Exposure, that made good use of odd timing, silence, and strange characters.  I also really liked Donna’s hair.

(image via Pinterest)

This collection is bound to be cool.  As a tv watching knitting geek, I can’t wait.  I love seeing how designers interpret images, movies, and music into wearable art.

I also love print knitting pattern books.  It seems like the second I committed to try to buy knitting ebooks to save shelf space, all of these gorgeous pattern books started coming out by designers I love.    They’re even more special if they are based on a topic I’m interested in.

Here’s the deal: In describing their collection Teresa and Leah use terms like “Audrey-inspired,” “retro vintage,”and “Cowichan-esque”.  Must I type more?

Right now they have an instagram challenge going where they will randomly draw from a week’s worth of participants for a free copy of the Great Northern ebook.  All you have to do is follow the daily prompts and use the #greatnorthernknits hashtag to be entered for the giveaway.  This post includes a few of my photos for the challenge.  But I’m already a backer of the project, so I’ll be receiving a print copy, ebook, and some lovely yarn (for a song) anyway, once it’s funded.  I’d like to see your images based on Twin Peaks prompts!  It seems instagram is all I’ve had time for on the internet these days.

(my instagram)

When I first saw their  kickstarter page  it was very late (or early) and I had insomnia.  Apparently this is the best time to peruse knitting blogs and such.  I scrolled down their incentives until I saw a dyer I love and backed it.  Looking again today, I see there are lots of yarn and design incentives left.  Some are patterns by my favorite designers, or really great ebooks and magazines- like Holla Knits.  Can you imagine Doomsday Knits by Alex Tinsley, based on our culture’s obsession with dystopian/ apocalyptic literature and movies, along with your Twin Peaks inspired collection?  I can’t think of a better pop culture pairing.

I guess I just really want to see this project funded because, people!, we could make our own Log Lady sweaters!

That must happen.  So, anyway, take a look at the kickstarter and consider supporting for an ebook.  It has at least 10 sweater patterns, some accessories, and home items.  If you’re like me, you’ll want the print book too, or even incentives beyond those.  And don’t forget the instagram giveaway.

Next week I will have a little more to share about the collection and my memories of the Twin Peaks era.

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