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Swept Clean

Don’t look too closely underneath.  There may be a secret there.  
An old friend or two that drifted away for some reason we never quite figured out.  
Unresolved irritations that always find their way out again.  
A sister or brother that weren’t worth the risk of confrontation.  
It’s actually fairly lumpy from all the people, the faces I don’t want to deal with, just cover and forget.   
It’s March, I’m considering lifting it to clean with everything else, putting these things in their proper places: with phone calls or prayers.  
Outside in the breeze I can pop it out, wash it until it’s colorful again, and hang it to dry over the fence.  
Nothing to hide.  Nowhere to hide it. 
 If I do set it back on my kitchen floor,  it will be freshly cleaned and the only thing that will ever be swept under will be hurtful words I choose to forgive.  
I won’t cover people, just their stuff- inconsistencies in them that I can’t change or judge.   
With my feet, I’ll smooth out the corners over broken promises and mistreatments I used to hold over my head like a banner and, lifting the edge, 
kick under indifference I receive from the ones I’m meant to love.  
 (rag rug, day 53)

I bought several of these rag rugs for cheap at the grocery store the other day with the intention of sewing a couple together to make a long kitchen rug or something.

But this picture got me thinking about the phrase “Swept under the rug.” and whether or not I do more “sweeping” than I used to.

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  1. Michelle, I love the double entendre of your post! I am thinking of taking a class offered by my church on forgiveness. I will say that as I age it gets easier to let things go, but sometimes things do stick in my craw that I can't get out. Again, love your thoughts. This is one of the best posts you've written yet!

  2. Thank you, Gail. I wasn't sure if I could express how I feel about this in a short blog session, but God has had me realize that somewhere along with learning to let go of other people's mistreatments of me, I've written some people off that He means for me to at least pray for, if not keep contact with. I didn't even ask Him about it, I just brushed them off. Then I thought about people I know who've been held at arms length (not by me) and how alone they are.

    On top of that, as a wife and mother, I am going to hear hurtful words etc, now and then, and I need to be a better example of dealing with it the right way.

  3. It's hard when people do or say hurtful things. I am one of those that will write people off in a heartbeat if they hurt me, which is not right, I know. I need to stop and ask WWJD?

    I lost my best friend that I'd had for years because I got tired of her getting mad at me all the time over nothing. I finally said, "You know, apparently I can't be the kind of friend you need right now, so let's part ways." We never spoke again. Except she did call to let me know a mutual friend had died. It's been years and I still regret that I wasn't patient enough with her. Some people just drain you, though, ya know?

    There are no easy answers with some people I guess. :/

  4. what great colors in that rug! i just love your writing style – it always calms me and almost always connects to something in my life. always wonderful!

  5. I hear you, Gail. I am very committed to family and friends, but if someone seems to not want me, I am fine with pulling away. I don't always consider that they may be in my life for a reason other than mutual satisfaction. I'm learning.

  6. Thank you , Jennifer that is such a wonderful compliment. I started this for my own little record of my life, but I love that something I write about may resonates with some of the other friends I've made online.

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