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Pitchforks and Shovels

Sounds like primetime voice-over censoring, but no it really is just pitchforks and shovels.  Last weekend I added my little bit of compost to my little bit of garden and planted my little bit of seeds in hopes of wringing a little bit of produce out of my backyard.
The basil, borage, some lettuce, and cantaloup were seeds I’d saved to see if I could.  If they don’t work, I can always buy from the feed store.

(hollyhocks return)  

There’s nothing quite like being sweaty, mosquito bitten, and covered in dirt while trying to take a ttv shot.  I’m sure I was extra pleasant to be around after that.

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  1. Adore this post. I worked in the garden yesterday and was bitten by the bug, I think! (I did very little gardening last year)

    LOVE these TtV shots. Gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Ninotchka! My "garden" is really small. It's my test garden. One of these days, when I know my stuff, I'll actually do a big one.

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