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A Good Afternoon

It doesn’t take much to make make me happy.
When the cat’s fur is still warm from sitting in the window.
When I stand right in front of the bathroom door before my kids open it and it scares them to see me unexpectedly.
When I hear Floyd Cramer on shuffle.
Finding a little molded shape of a motorcycle or animal that my son absentmindedly made with a piece of foil or paper he was supposed to throw away. 
The faint smell of my grandfather’s pipe smoke in my clothes.
Seeing my dad out walking his dog.
The way my dogs see guests out of our home, walking them to the door then watching them through the window until they drive away. 
Scratchy vinyl playing in the next room.
Covering up under an afghan my grandmother made for me years ago to watch tv.
Making brownies, jewelry, anything, next to my daughter.
The sunroof open.
Reading aloud to my husband or kids on road trips (The 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time,  The Year of Living Biblically, or Bone.)  This year I’m thinking… Bradbury.
Walking when it’s cool in the evening until I feel like stopping.

 Yes, I like it blurry.  my Flickr 

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  1. You're so cute in that last photo. 🙂 I love your list. So sweet and endearing. Many of these things make me happy, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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