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I Haven’t Had a Beret Since High School

Another test knit I’m working on for Tara-Lynn is this stockinette beret.  I was excited when she mentioned she’d be releasing it soon on instagram.  I used to love wearing a beret, but I haven’t owned one since high school.  In fact, I didn’t even own one then.                                                                                                                                                            

I think the one I had belonged to a boy I dated.  I stuck several pins in it (the flair kind, not the voodoo kind) and wore it awhile before giving it back or chunking it when we broke up.  Anyway, I loved the idea of making my own.  So, I was pretty happy to be asked to test knit this one.

I had this great skein of Dk from Junkyarn, in the Diana colorway, that I was actually saving for this design.  How unique will this be?  It totally beats the army surplus beret of my youth.

(ravelry, kollabora, instagram, and flickr)

What you see here knit up pretty quickly, but I did have to rip back because I didn’t make it long (or tall) enough.  No worries, I plan to sit down and finish it tonight.

My other post on this knit is here.

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