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I Get to be C-3PO

Anytime I ever played Star Wars with the kids, they’d always make me be C-3PO. I guess I’m good at accents-or maybe gloomy and fussy.

I’m a Star Wars purist, if that’s possible since the last 3 movies. I don’t want the Luke’s mixing with the Grievous’. But my son doesn’t care as long as there’s battle, mayhem, and monsters involved.

If you want to win your son’s lifelong affection, you will get on your knees every once in a while with an action figure in each hand and blow his mind by twisting his usual star wars plot in an unexpected way. “Those are rebel ships firing at us. We’re being attacked by our own people!” etc.

It also helps to still have a small case of action figures from your own childhood, sitting on a closet shelf with the glowing aura of The Holy Grail about it…and, of course, a flair for comic relief.

“We’re doomed.”

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