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Big Hunks of Raw Meat

I’ve been cooking since I married, before that my specialty was cheese toast, but I work off a budget and lean more towards veggies, so I’ve never been a big-hunk-of-raw-meat-kind-of-person. It’s okay for ordering at a restaurant served up all clean and charred and un- animalish. But looking at something raw, for food, the size of my dog’s leg (thanks, Karrie, for the visual) isn’t necessary. I’m fine with peasant food, beans and cornbread or taco soup, every night. But my husband and children like it, so I serve it up…just not usually pork.

I’m not on a kosher diet, but when an entire nation fears a meat for being nasty, it begs consideration. I made pork loin (on a crazy cheap sale, which also begs consideration) with onion, garlic, apples and garden sage. It must have been good because the first night we ate it, the whole family gave me the grunting sounds of feasting carnivores as a sign of approval. I feel so Leave it to Beaver, though we’re probably closer to channelling Roseanne.
Do you have any idea how many pictures there are on the internet of people eating giant turkey legs? Now don’t get me started on scrapple…

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