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Last Summer Campout

We had our last summer campout a few weeks ago.   

We were fortunate enough to be able to share the fun with my cousin and her family.
There’s something special about family getaways.  Especially when it brings us closer to relatives we don’t get to see very often.  

 day 188
My son and his big cousin fell right into their play together as if they’d seen each other the day before.
But I wondered how well my daughter would hold up in the heat and with her younger cousins now that she is out of the kid phase.

It turns out, my daughter isn’t really out of kid phase (she spent the entire time we swam in the lake grabbing people’s legs underwater to scare them.  It worked every time.)

Then there were also trails and board games.
Not to mention the break from routine, that is oh so routine.
I even got to slip away for a long run, which did my heart good.

 I learned things about my grandparents that I’d never heard before- stories her father had passed to her.  And she learned stories and perspectives that I’d received from my dad.

We learned that we were a lot alike as kids: tomboys and into sports.
Our desires for our children and homes are reassuringly familiar.
It was just good to get to know them better.
day 189

Evenings were spent by either ours or my cousin’s campfire, talking and laughing.   I left feeling blessed.

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