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Ramblings, Grasshoppers, and “The Summer of George”

About to catch up on posting 365 shots.  I’m surprised I’ve eked out the time to post at all lately.  Maybe I’m slightly more efficient at photo taking, editing, and writing.  Nah.
But these are left over plant photos that don’t fit in any other posts I felt like writing lately, so I’m just going to throw them out there with whatever comes to mind.
More roses.  I’m not normally a roses kind of girl. I usually gravitate to green: palms, ivy, junipers, and succulents, but for some reason I bought these a few years ago and I like.   
(day 94)
Below is the bowervine I hoped would spread quickly to cover the patio arbor in the summer.  
 I took this photo with my Composer’s plastic optic.  Looks like I breathed onto my lens to fog it up before shooting.  But I can see how there may be times where I’d like that look.
 I usually choose the double glass, below for the sharp focus.  
As you can see I’m spending quality time with the plants since the Great Grasshopper Pestilence has begun again.  I’m done with natural repellants like pepper and soap concoctions; and I’m not going to capture, rehabilitate, and release.  I just got in the middle of the swarms of nymphs and started stomping.  I really did feel bad about it.  When I was a kid I liked finding grasshoppers and following them around the yard.  But, if they mature, it’ll be the same thing next year.  So, my husband sprinkled  some diatomacious earth blend over the yard and garden-  soon to be the insect killing fields- and I think he inhaled too much of it.  I guess this will kill my ladybugs too.  Sigh.  But I have to do it.  Now that I have a well and can actually water a garden properly, this was my chance to be really fruitful.
(day 102)

 The hollyhocks were the first to be eaten up last year.  I was so proud that they’d reseeded themselves, but only got to enjoy it for a few weeks.  Not this summer!  This is the summer I complete my childhood fantasy of seeing the Redwoods, the summer where I run lots lots and lots, and the summer where I have a fruitful, healthy garden.  It’s my “Summer of George,” Baby!

Oh yeah, here’s a succulent.  My favorite plant, my favorite color.

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