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My First Pattern

It’s two months into the new year and though I haven’t changed my blog banner in forever and have yet to use the film scanner and Diana 35mm back, I have made progress on one resolution-  I wrote out a knitting pattern.  It’s actually typed, not scribbled, and includes photos, not off topic doodles.

So, here it is: my Stripe Ed Cowl:

 (worn long or doubled)

 This cowl was inspired by an out of stock Madewell cowl that I saw on Pinterest some time ago and by my daughter and her friends, who are just learning to knit.  This is something a beginner can enjoy working while practicing new techniques in small, manageable amounts (like jogless stripes and provisional cast on- fun, fun!)   It also doesn’t take a ton of yarn, so has helped me whittle down the stash.

(knit in the round)

Now, I realize it’s super easy, and the internet is overloaded with cowls these days, but still, I wrote it out.  Let me have my moment.  And pattern writing for other people to read, even if for an easy project, is anything but easy.   My hieroglyphics just don’t translate.

I also had to pose for all these pictures while southern gentlemen slowed their cars to squint and give me a look like, “Girl, you got a sock aroun’ yo’ neck.”  On top of that, I learned how to make a nice looking document on Open Office… finally.  Open Office is the bane of my existence.  So, yeah, I’m feeling like I accomplished something today.

 (What a doofus.)
Here’s a link to the free pattern and to my Ravelry.

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  1. Hahaha!

    I totally feel so silly when I have pictures taken of me when I am wearing my knitted goods as well. You look great and congrats on the pattern!!

  2. Great, Severien! If you try it I'd like some feedback to know if the pattern is clear and easy to follow. It is much harder to describe how to knit than I thought it would be.

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