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Just two more knits and I’ll have knit the entire Island book.  When I do, I’ll celebrate by wearing all of it: sweater hat, mitts, scarf, and cowl all on one day.  Matching is overrated.

This is Renfrew from Jane Richmond‘s Island knit in Voolenvine’s McGuiness worsted in the Nevermore color way.  It’s a purple-y grey, like the outside of an avocado.  (This base is discontinued, but the color way can still be found in her shop. )

I’ve been working hard on my re-knit of Drift’s Ridge, this time without changing my gauge a stitch per inch, and Dragonflies.  But sometimes I just want to play with a colorful, hand dyed skein.

I knit this hat on the way to Houston for a Brandon Sanderson book signing with my husband and sister.  You will hear me geek out about this later.  It was a belated birthday gift, though we sort of call everything I want to do in January and February a belated birthday gift:

“I need this yarn.  You know I just had a birthday… “
“Can I get this record… it is a week before my birthday!”
“Oh, a pony…birthday!!”
It’s expected of me.

Of course that can also play out like this:

“Sure, Michelle, I’ll grab some non-stick cooking spray on my way home from work.  It is your birthday…”
“Wait, no, I scooped the litter yesterday, for your birthday.”

You get the idea.  Birthdays are all about manipulation.  Like when my daughter hangs out with her fiancé instead of us, I can say,” Did you guys have fun together for my birthday?”

I’m kidding, except for the yarn and record thing.

My daughter was a good sport to run outside and take these photos in blinding midday light when she had lots of homework to do.  Her reward was a free photo-bombing pass.

Okay, so Renfrew.  It’s knit inside out, which feels like a special trick, and features a mock cable that I love.

It seems made for a  beautiful, semi-solid colorway.  I’ve changed my mind about what skein I wanted to use for this several times.  I usually only get hand dyed yarn for accessories, to save money, and I’d collected a few that could work.  I finally went with the more solid of the lot and am glad I did.

I used size 5 needles- always bamboo, these days, so my gauge isn’t sloppy.  And I had more than enough yarn leftover for a good sized swatch to add to swatch blanket collection.  I’m about ready to photograph what I have collected for it so far.

(more on ravelry, kollabora, flickr, instagram)

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  1. What a cute hat, the shape and stitch patterns look so pretty, especially in that lovely yarn. Nice job!

    NOTE: For some reason, blogger has decided that I don't need to follow you anymore. I'm in the middle of arguing with them about it, so please forgive any late comments on your latest posts as I catch up. 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I think you picked the perfect skein. I gave my Renfrew away. That means I better make another, I guess. 🙂 John let me have my birthday for about three weeks this year, so I know what you mean, haha.

  3. Anya, good project for carrying around in your purse, or a day trip. I love learning new techniques like the pseudo cable!

  4. Thanks, Elena! Seems like you've mentioned it being dark during your winters. I wish I could send some sunshine your way. That's one thing we do get in wintertime.

  5. Thank you, Heather! I had a mess when I first switched to Disqus. My problem now is rapid fire liking and unliking everything on Instagram and Facebook. That and awful auto correct blunders.

  6. Ha, I save up everything I want for January:). Your Renfrew was so nice in light pink. The cable stitches were so clear. I toyed with a similar color for mine, but the yarn was more variegated, so I decided not.

  7. That happened when we were living in Belgium. It's already completely dark at 5 pm in winter. Luckily it's different in Spain and it's also a lot sunnier than the grey Belgium. Anyway, I accept your sunshine and surely warmth. It's lovely sunny here but very cold.

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