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This one is Antrorse, by Shannon Cook.  I pretty much love the stitch pattern and fold down collar details, so prepare yourself for image overload.

Antrorse is a fairly quick knit, it’s written beautifully, with one of the coolest new techniques I’ve tried- one row buttonholes.  It satisfies a knitter’s need for interesting details.  That little arrow stitch breaks up the stockinette perfectly.  I didn’t mind having to start over on this because it gave me another chance to try those buttonholes and see if I could work them from memory.  I nailed it.  (This is something  I tell myself so I won’t feel so bad about having to start over twice.)

This is my second knit from Journey, Inland being the first, and I used my need for more of this Wool of the Andes in pampas heather as an excuse to order yarn for Climb and Swift while I was at it.  Journey is one of those books I kept meaning to blog about because I want to knit every single thing in it, but instead of typing about it, I just started knitting.  If you’re a knitter, you already know about it and what a beautifully photographed book it is.  You’ve probably already started one of the projects or have your yarn picked out for several.  So I’ll just say that it’s already a classic for me.  Like Island, it appeals to my outdoorsy nature, need for rich color, and love of print.

The Details– I knit Antrorse on size 6s but it is meant for an Aran yarn from Quince and Co and my worsted Wool of the Andes just seemed a little flimsy, so I doubled it and went down one pattern size to a 32″.  The larger, double stranded stitches gave me a 35″ that blocked out to a 36″.  I’m very happy with the fit.

Because of my longish torso, I knit an extra stitch pattern repeat.  This makes mine a little more of a tunic-length sweater.

This is off topic, but look at my pretty earrings from Stephanie of Native Clutter.  They were the Christmas gift my husband forgot he gave me.  A few days after Christmas I asked if I could get them from off the top of the fridge.  He said yes, sheepishly.

All of the gauge issues I had while knitting this frustrated me at the time, but they did help me to realize I’ve been knitting on too small a circular cord, cramming bulky stitches together in a way that makes accurate gauging difficult, even when I’m measuring much further down in the project.  It has also reaffirmed my belief that it is better to knit small in order to block it out than to knit big and be elephantine.  That could be an ancient proverb.

I’m still not sure about the added length.  I do have a monkey torso, see below, and want to wear this comfortably with leggings, but I don’t know… I know that I can always rip back and just re-knit the garter hem.

Now, I realize I’m a goof and these are incredibly un-cool photos, but you don’t know how hard it is for me to take a million finished knit photos seriously if I am in them.  I promise I spared you the worst ones.  Wait ’til my next post, in which I include a photo with a religious simulacrum  in my Antrorse.  No kidding.

I’ll post some photos from my new instant camera next time.   By the way, Shannon and Jane are having a Journey KnitAlong through the month of February and it’s not too late to squeeze in a hat or arm warmers.

(more on ravelry, kollabora, flickr, and instax in my next post)


Other posts on Antrorse:  funnel neck and film.

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  1. I LOVE the photos. I don't know what you're talking about with "uncool." I especially love the hanging from the tree pics! The sweater looks fantastic on you. Sounds like your mods worked perfectly!

  2. Another gorgeous knit! You have such a great taste in knitting patterns (and earrings, too!)! I love your "uncool" photos too. I wish I felt as comfortable in front of a camera, I hate it when I'm conscious of someone taking my picture, even when it's me commanding my boyfriend to finally take a FO-object photo for the blog.

  3. Love! And your photos are awesome, as always. I'm planning to start this soon – how do you find the neck fits? I'm afraid of "loose neck" syndrome (which is a term I just made up, but it's so real…). Also, the buttons you used perfectly match the sweater!

  4. Oh Michelle! It turned out so great! 🙂 Totaly worth ripping it out to get it right. I like the length, if my hips weren't so big I'd try that myself.

  5. Ha! Well, thank you Cassy. I feel weird taking so many photos of myself, especially when I save up several FOs and take photos all at once. It doesn't feel very "me". Well, hanging from a tree does, but you get what I'm saying.

    Yes, my doubled yarn worked. I remembered what you said about your yoke needing more stability, so I knit the garter more tightly than normal and I don't think I'll have that problem.

  6. Thank you, Severien! I still get uncomfortable if I take lots of FO shots in one week or something. I'm thinking, "Enough of me already!" But I am much more comfortable since I did a 365 photo project of selfies a few years ago. It being about me forced me to get used to being in front of a camera, and it being daily helped me get a little better at taking photos in general. I mostly just want the sweater to look good.
    I see you just finished Paulie. Ah! It looks so great! So what's next for you? Im wanting to try On the Beach by Isabel next. Maybe I'll get to it before it's warm. I'm going to go comment now 🙂

  7. Loose neck syndrome is a very real, debilitating condition, Jennifer. It's no laughing matter. :). I tend to have holey armpit syndrome more often, though.
    No, I read on Cassy's (see comment below) blog that she had that problem and reinforced the yoke with a crochet stitch. Here's the link:
    So when I went to make mine, I just knit the garter yoke more tightly than normal, maybe a needle size difference, and I didn't have a problem. I also tried to make the increases tighter so they wouldn't sag just below the yoke.

  8. Hey, Julieanne, I just saw that you finished your Antrorse a few days ago! I love it! It was definitely worth starting over. I'm headed to your blog to talk details.

  9. Oh Michelle – it looks amazing on you! so happy it turned out and you love it! Great job!!!! It makes me soooo happy to see you in one!!! Made my day girl! xoxo

  10. Your photos are brilliant – you always look AMAZING 🙂
    isn't it a fab sweater? I have to make one. But, then I always say that about stuff you knit … you're terribly inspirational X

  11. That's awesome! I think I would try to knit more tightly or go down a needle size on the collar if I do this again. I have enough yarn to make a mini version for my daughter, and that's really tempting…

  12. The sweater is beautiful! I know I need an Inland, but now you're making me think I need an Antrorse, too! Gorgeous earrings, too. Your husband did very well (even if he forgot ;])!

  13. I'm glad it did, Shannon. I felt so good about finishing this. It was exactly what I wanted, plus knitting through Journey is one of my year's goals. I feel well on my way.

  14. I did love that technique, Sara! I realized how much a fun construction technique adds to my knitting experience with this one. I thought I commented on your Antrorse on Ravelry, but can't find where. I was waffling back and forth about what color to do mine in. I love green, but I have a lot of it. Then I saw yours and, though it's a much brighter shade, I was like, "That's it. I'm doing green."

  15. You need both, Vanessa!. There, I said it. 🙂 You could do these in no time and they'd be so cute on you. But I know your'e trying to finish all of your WIPs and I'll enjoy seeing those too. You have all kinds of variety on your needles.

  16. so beautiful! antrose turned out wonderful and looks great on you! i just cast on inland today for the journey kal and i'm loving it! i picked out yarn for swift too and will be casting on today or tomorrow. we are supposed to get 6ish inches of snow tonight and tomorrow which is crazy for nc and i just want to sit and knit. oh, and your pictures?!?! GORGEOUS!

  17. 6 inches of snow! That sounds like a true winter. I'll have to use 40 degrees and clear skies as my excuse. I can't wait to see your Inland, Kristen. You are going to love it. It's so quick and satisfying. It looks like you've picked grey for yours. That'll get tons of wear.

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