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Analog Antrorse

I don’t know why I held off getting an Instax for so long.  Probably because Urban Outfitters sold them.  But, I use Fuji film for my Polaroid 210 and love it, so my husband got me an Instax 210 for my birthday.  Antrorse, and a dry Sunday afternoon, gave me a chance to try it out.

I’m just loving the tones of these and the surprising focus up close.  I tried a double exposure hack, first taking a dark photo, up close.

Then, exposing a second time from a distance.  Ignore the strange overlay of the double exposure and imagine the possibilities with me.

Some were too light, others too dark, etc.  Plus, I enlisted my husband’s help, and that’s hard to communicate.  I never got it right, unless you’re looking for hidden images of the Virgin Mary in knitwear.  If that’s the case, see below, a little to the left and floating above three ghostly buttons.  Otherwise, it needs work.

But, the camera has a lot of potential.  It doesn’t feel as precious as a vintage land camera.  If I take it to the desert on vacation and get dust in it, I won’t die.  Also, I don’t have to count to 90-Mississippi and peel apart each shot, hiking on as they dry in mine and my family members’ hands.  My children will be grateful for that.

I bet Shannon had no idea the significance one could find in her design, huh?

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  1. Thank you, Jillian! Does it never get cool there? It is usually only cool for a couple of months where I live, but I knit anyway. This year has been record lows, so I've been rotating out every thing I ever knit, trying to get it worn at least once. Another thing to consider is that this was supposed to be knit at worsted/Aran weight, which isn't that bulky.

  2. It definitely gets cool, but we are talking average no lower than 15 degrees celsius. I'm also a hot bod, so sweaters often just feel too much. I love my last sweater knit in a cotton/wool blend. Anything more that DK/8ply though just feels too stifling for me. And if I'm gonna put all that work into something, I'd want to be wearing it! :0

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