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Vintage Christmas Socks

These were my supposed to be my Christmas socks, but I didn’t finish them until several days after Christmas, which was totally fine since I have been wearing running shorts and t-shirts this week.  But when it get’s cold, these will definitely get some wear.

If they look wonky, it’s because I hadn’t actually blocked them yet when I took the photos, so the ladder where my needles changed is still pretty obvious.  But, people!  I knit 12 pair before the end of the year!

They were my last combination of sock techniques to want to try for the BoxoSox KAL.  And, had I knit them cuff-down, they’d be my best fitting pair.  But, I have to learn somehow.

And what I’ve learned with this pair is that I like cuff-down socks better.  The cuff looks neat whether I’m wearing them or not.  I always wondered why anyone would prefer cuff-down when you can try them on as you go easier when working toe-up.  Well, there you go- that’s the reason.

I am spitting out this post as quickly as possible before my son’s soccer game.  So, I’ll include details about this pair, for now.  Later, though, I’m going to post about my new-found personal sock recipe.  And that’s more for me than you, unless you’re interested.

Details: Again with the Smooth Operator Sock pattern, by Susan B. Anderson.  I think it will be my constant for stockinette socks from here on out.

I used size 0 Karbonz and Herbstblatt Regina’s Oak Sock base in the Vintage Christmas Ornaments colorway.  And look at how correct those colors are.

I made this wreath of vintage-like ornaments, and a few truly vintage ones, a few Christmases ago and Regina’s yarn fits right in.

I adored the colors in this yarn.  Stockinette was certainly a good way to show them off.  I do regret my not so gorgeous toe-up cuff, but oh, well.

I used Kitchener stitch to close both toes and heels for this pair and did the no-gap trick again.

I also made them exactly the same length as my Ragnar socks, because I think that’s the most comfortable size for me.   Of course, the whole reason I cast on for toe-up was to make them really long, but I felt I was running out of time and probably would wear them more if they were shorter.  I am anxious to see how Cassondra, of Rizza Knits, will work her increases for knee socks.  I know I’ll want to try it one day.  One day far in the future.  Because, folks, I’m tired of socks.

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