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Decorating with Skeletons

No it’s not another creepy post on the occult,

(365 Day 238)

I just noticed how much this little air fern had grown since my husband’s mom gave me one the size of one of these pots about 14 years ago.

(my Flickr)

I know, that doesn’t sound like much progress but it’s unbelievable considering it isn’t a plant after all, just a sea animal‘s skeleton.
I read all about how it can’t grow, it’s only dyed green, and will ruin in sunlight.

But I don’t know… that one little pot’s worth has grown to fill 3, plus I gave some to my grandmother. The “new growth” is bright green, and since I’ve kept them in the kitchen window, I’ve seen faster growth.

And I’m not alone.

Sort of creepy after all.

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