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DIY Terrarium

(medium spicy moss, 365 Day 82 Photo)

Today was chock full of good stuff. The kids got to hang out with friends this morning, we spent the afternoon with Grandmommy and Papaw, recording some of their memories (a project I have meant to do since I was a teenager,) we ate tuna fish and pimento cheese sandwiches (not mixed together), my sister came over for supper, and we made these neato little terrariums I’d been meaning to try ever since I saw it on one of my favorite blogs.

I borrowed the moss from my grandparents back patio- Thank you, G and P!

Once I’d sealed it up, I regretted not adding a beach shell and my son regretted that his plastic dinosaur wasn’t in his. So, I guess we’ll be making more.
I’m curious to see if they’ll survive in our house. We don’t get the best light, but maybe that’s okay with moss.

I see so many beautiful terrariums on Terrain, but I’m sort of cheap and I have a jillion empty jars.

What I’d really like is a shallow little shelf of these in my bathroom around the tub. It’s such a cave in there. And the Magic Conch says, “Maybe someday.”

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