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What to do with half a jar of homemade spaghetti sauce? My last jar from last summer, so it has to be something special.

I decided to make stuffed crust pizza for my children, who salivate over the pizza in commercials like it’s the greatest of forbidden fruit, with this Cold Antler recipe. The only catch was it had to be half whole wheat flour.

I spread my dough out on a sprayed pan dusted with cornmeal and covered the edges with mozzarella, folding them as if for a tart. (Nothing too neat or perfect here because it was after a late taekwondo class and I was famished.)

Next came the sauce with all sorts of things children love in it: mushrooms, onions, etc.

…More mozzarella and then we cook at 400 ’til crust turns a pretty gold.

Viola! This is a personal size I did in in the cast iron skillet, as shown by Jenna.
The kids cleaned their plates and said, “Thank you” with no prompting.

We’ll be having it again tonight.

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