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Basket Lantern

I finally got around to making this patio lamp that I saw here.

All it took were two hanging wire planters, some wire (heavy and fine gauge), wire clippers, white paint, a lantern cord kit from this place, and a bulb.

I painted the baskets and segments of wire I was going to use (yes, I know I sprayed the grass, but it was very cold that day and I was lazy.)

Then I wrapped the finer wire around the edge of two baskets in several places to hold them together.
Thanks to my husband for helping me wrap the center of the thicker wire around the bulb socket, then wrapping the ends around opposite sides of the top opening so the light couldn’t wiggle out.

It really is pretty in the evening.
My only expense was the lantern cord kit for a bit over ten dollars. The wire baskets were a gift from my sister and the rest of this stuff was leftovers from jewelry making and school projects.

I feel like we’re one step closer to barefoot-in-the-grass weather.

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