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Wee Gifts and Other Sickeningly Cute Things

My kids say anytime I’m trying to convince someone to do something, I add an “ie” to the end of words.  As in: “Want some Starbuckies?”, “Let’s watch Freakie Geekie” (Freaks and Geeks), “Wanna go on a walkie?”,  “Will you fold the laundries?”   The last one doesn’t really work, but you get the idea- it’s cutesy talk; the kind you use with your pets.  A little of it goes a long way.

But they’re wrong.  It’s not about manipulation it has more to do with the size of the event and wether or not it’s an act of kindness.  No one says,”I’m sorry but you’ll have to have a root canalie”  or “We need a divorcie.”  See?

This hat qualifies as a giftie because it goes on a baby’s head, was fun to make, and is just a little spontaneous gift.   Spontaneity is another prerequisite for sickeningly cute talk.  It just hit me last night, that one of my husband’s friends just had a baby and I had leftover yarn for a baby hat.  So, I picked the Aviatrix pattern by Justine Turner, found some scrap yarn in a soft merino, and was finished in one sitting.  Baby knits are a good ego boost. 

It’s so little and cute.  I really want a head to put it on.  “Honey, lets have another baby-ie…”  I considered my little dog, but I don’t think the new parents would appreciate that.  Still, it was a satisfying little knit to give.  Plus, I’ve never made a short row hat before and  am so sick of double points (from doing the sleeves on Georgia) right now, that it was a nice change.

My notes: I followed the directions for worsted yarn in the second size.   Since I didn’t have enough blue for a solid hat, I knit the band in green and contrasting purl rows in green too.  I didn’t want to cut any yarn because I was short and that wastes it, so after working a green row between the short row sections, I’d just slide the work to the other side of my circular needle.  I could, then, pick up the blue yarn where I’d left it for the next short row section.  The beauty of these sections is that when they are done I’m right at the spot where I left the green yarn and can pick it up for the contrasting purl row, no twisting or carrying of yarn necessary.

Little baby heads…sigh…

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